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My Bio

Music:Ween, Dave Matthews, Ben Folds Five, U-Ziq, Richard D.James, TMBG.
Favorite Songs:"Two Step," and "#41" by DMB, "Tear For Eddie" by Ween, "Girl/Boy" by Aphex Twin
Writers:Irvine Welsh, Tom Wolfe, Ken Follet
Favorite Toys:Powermaster Optimus Prime, The Technobots,Brainstorm, Chromedome,Longrack (Beast Wars Neo),Wild Ride(TF:Car Robots), Sandstorm (Botcon '99 exclusive)
Favorite Non-TF Toyline:Silverhawks
Biography: I am "the artist formerly known as" Optimus87. I created the webboard known as The Allspark Along with my Canadian friend Chris, better known as Shockwave, back in November of 1999. I spend most of my time online running the place, although now I have a "staff" of sorts, the COE that holds it all together for me. The Allspark is, in my slightly biased opinion, the greatest Transformers webboard to come along in a great while. Our Motto: We Are One! ------------------------------------------------------------

My Occupation

Self Exiled Board Admin, Man of Mystery

My Hobbies

Graphic Arts, Toy Collecting, Anything Transformers Related

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